Answers for general questions

  • 01. Who will get the Payment for Load?

    Shippers or Brokers will pay directly to the Carrier as we book load under your MC and DOT. We also coordinate and update you till the payment of the load

  • 02. Will I need to fill out broker packets?

    Absolutely not! Once you complete our registration packet, we'll have everything we need to get you set-up and loaded.

  • 03. Which load board’s do you use?

    We use several different load board including Truckstop and DAT live load board. We also receive direct emails of shipments which never hit any load boards as well as loads which are directly brokered via phone calls.

  • 04. Do I need to fill out all the contracts in order to start working with you ?

    No. There are no contracts to fill out with us; Just the enrollment form to understand the details like Insurance Agent, factoring company etc…

  • 05. What do you need from me in order to start working ?

    We need three things from you: a copy of your proof of insurance, your W-9, and your MC authority paper.